Sell Clothing

I know many of you will be thrilled to know that we are setting up appointments to purchase your clothing. 

Please bear with us as this dropoff/pickup version of buying clothing is completely new to us. Here is a guide to how appointments work. 

  1. You send us a direct message on Facebook to schedule a clothing dropoff day & a separate payment and clothing pickup day (or email us at Current available days are Tues, Wed, Thurs & Fri from 12 pm - 5 pm. Your pickup day (to collect payment for your clothing and to pick up any clothing we can’t use) must be on a separate day from dropoff to ensure there’s no chance of spreading coronavirus (the virus can only live on clothing for about 3 hours). 

  2. We are currently only buying fall clothing in sizes 1X, 2X, 3X & 4X. 

  3. We are actively seeking the following clothing types:

    1. Dresses (Either with a stretchy fabric or a flowy style)

    2. Tops (Specifically hip length or longer)

    3. Jeans (with a stretch)

    4. Light-med weight sweaters and cardigans

  4. You may bring up to 25 gently used or new clothing items for a drop off. Clothing should be clean and folded in a bag or box labeled with your name and a contact phone number or email address. (We are not set up to look at clothing on hangers) 

  5. When you arrive for drop off, please call the store at 734-398-1822 so Jen knows that your clothing is here. We will ask you to fill out and sign a purchase slip when you drop off. Please read our purchase prices ahead of time and understand that we may only need a few of the items you bring. 

  6. Jen will look through your clothing on your pickup day. Payment can be in the form of cash in an envelope or PayPal, either of which you would get when you pick up any of your clothing that we can’t use. 

***What do we mean by gently used clothing?
We’re looking for clothing in great shape with no spots, tears, broken zippers or missing buttons. We prefer fabrics that don’t cling to themselves and that wash well. 

***Still not sure which items we want most?
Our favorite brands are Torrid, Lane Bryant, Catherines, Maurices, Old Navy, Forever 21 Plus, Disney, Her Universe, Terra & Sky. We want clothing that was manufactured within the last 5 years (vintage styles don’t sell fast for us)